Beede Wildlife Zoom

Beede Wildlife Zoom – The Beede Site Group hosted a public Backyard Wildlife Lunch-n-Learn with neighbors covering such topics as the ongoing Superfund clean-up, conservation work and recent wildlife camera images, and future land reuse ideas provided by members of the community. Subject matter experts… Read More »Beede Wildlife Zoom

Future Use Survey

Welcome and thank you! This 1-minute survey has two prompts, along with a chance for you to share any ideas you may have for the future of the 40-acre Beede Site. We aim to better understand the wishes of our Plaistow neighbors. Results of the… Read More »Future Use Survey

Fall Wildlife

Plaistow, NH —- The Beede Site continues to attract a thriving wildlife which seems to enjoy the site’s fall colors. Our wildlife cameras recently spotted more visitors across the property, including what looks like a raccoon family. Since installing the new game cameras as part of its Gold-Certified… Read More »Fall Wildlife

Meet Our Bobcat Family

Plaistow —- The Beede Site Group continues to record more images of the diverse wildlife passing through and living on the Beede Site, including an adorable bobcat family seen in images below. Since installing the new game cameras as part of its Gold-Certified Wildlife Habitat… Read More »Meet Our Bobcat Family

Gold WHC Certification

Plaistow —- The Wildlife Habitat Council recently honored the Beede Site Group with its second consecutive Gold Certification for its habitat area. The Wildlife Habitat Council (WHC) is a nonprofit, non-lobbying organization dedicated to increasing the quality and amount of wildlife habitat on corporate, private… Read More »Gold WHC Certification

Conservation Recertification

Recertification Update | The Beede Waste Oil Habitat Conservation Area recently applied for recertification of its celebrated Wildlife Habitat Council conservation designation. The Wildlife Habitat Council 2020 Recertification Summary infographic highlights five new projects this certification cycle, including the wood duck nesting boxes in Kelly… Read More »Conservation Recertification

Project Update

BEEDE WASTE OIL SUPERFUND SITEProject Update – Upcoming Site Activities Thermal and MOM Groundwater Treatment Facility operations continues with worker safety procedures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Upcoming Work Includes: Operate and maintain the three LNAPL belt skimmers. Conduct Kelly Brook observation events… Read More »Project Update