Cleanup Plan

The Beede Site Group is implementing the EPA approved remedy for the Site in cooperation with EPA, New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services (NHDES) and local officials. The cleanup consists of three overlapping phases, as well as long-term monitoring of groundwater, surface water and sediment. In addition, land use restrictions are being developed to protect future generations.

  • Groundwater extraction and treatment
    Groundwater at the Site is being treated by the management of migration groundwater remediation system, and includes a groundwater treatment plant, which treats approximately 130 gallons of contaminated groundwater per minute. The plant started full operation in the Spring of 2014.
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  • On-site treatment of contaminated deep soil
    Contaminated deep soils on Site will be treated with Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE), which will effectively remove the subsurface contamination that poses a long-term threat to groundwater quality.  SEE was completed at the former Lagoon area in February 2016 and we are happy to report that soil cleanup goals set by the US EPA for the area have been achieved.
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  • Excavation and off-site disposal of contaminated shallow soil and sediment
    Shallow surface soil, the on-site landfill, sediment from Kelly Brook, and numerous soil piles will be excavated and disposed off-Site. The first phase of this was completed in early 2013 when select piles of petroleum impacted soil were removed from the Site.
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  •  Qualified local contractors and other businesses are used whenever possible. 
    A list of those who have or are currently working for the group is provided. 
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