On-Site Treatment of Contaminated Deep Soil

The deep soils at the site will be treated with Steam Enhanced Extraction (SEE) to remove the contaminants (Terratherm).  SEE, is a highly effective technology used for the recovery of contaminants and the remediation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) since the mid-1990s.  SEE achieves on-site separation and treatment through steam injection into wells and extraction of hot fluids. Steam generation is a stable and predictable process, governed by heat transfer to the soil and has been studied intensively and used for oil recovery and remediation of a wide range of contaminants.

SEE is used at low and moderate temperatures.  Injection and extraction wells are installed and are used to inject steam into the deeper soil while simultaneously extracting steam, vapors, mobile contaminants, and groundwater. The injected steam is used to heat the subsurface to target treatment temperatures, typically the boiling point of the contaminant.

To learn more about the SEE technology check out the Thermal Treatment Fact Sheet.