Project Update

Project Update – Upcoming Site Activities

Beede Waste Oil Site

Thermal and MOM Groundwater Treatment Facility operations continues with worker safety procedures in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Upcoming Work Includes:

  • Operate and maintain the three LNAPL belt skimmers.
  • Conduct Kelly Brook observation events at the seven observation stations.
  • Conduct LNAPL measurements and removal using bailers, and/or absorbent socks, and other LNAPL-related activities in select wells/ manholes.
  • Conduct subsurface temperature monitoring at select locations within the Phase 2 thermal and lower landfill areas.
  • Continue to operate post-thermal pumping system.
  • Scheduling of dead tree removal.
  • Evaluate options for improved electrical surge protection for the treatment system control panel.

Noise/ Traffic:

  • Occasional delivery trucks, waste removal services, and personal vehicles onsite and through the 221 Main Street entrance.
  • Occasional noise from diesel engines and delivery trucks, construction equipment, and noise from back-up alarms.
  • Noise of tree removal equipment, pending mobilization of tree removal contractor.

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