Woodard & Curran Receives NGWA Award for Beede Waste Oil Superfund Site

Exciting news from the site!

Our remediation partners Woodard & Curran has received the “Outstanding Groundwater Remediation Project Award” from the National Ground Water Association (NGWA) for their work on the site. Each year the NGWA’s Outstanding Groundwater Project Awards recognizes member innovation and contributions affecting groundwater supply, protection, remediation, and awareness.

Since groundwater remediation efforts began in December 2013, our team has restored over 440 million gallons of groundwater to drinking water standards, enhanced the wildlife habitat corridor along the site and Kelly Brook, and eliminated the need to transport 11.3 million gallons of water to the site through the use of treated water onsite for a variety of other clean-up activities.

We’re proud that our focus on water conservation and water re-use has driven sustainability and enhanced wildlife conservation efforts across the site and that our team has been recognized with this national award. Summary of the application and our achievements are highlighted here: Beede NGWA Award Poster.

Learn more about this award over on the Woodard & Curran website.

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