Cleanup Update from the Beede Site Group

The Beede Site Group hosted its fourth virtual open house on Thursday, February 18, 2021, to provide an overview and update on the clean-up activities conducted at the site.

A collage of images introducing the members of the Beede Site Group.
Meet the Beede Site Group Team!

Cathy Rockwell, Remediation Technical Leader at Woodard & Curran, shared the history of the site as a waste oil recycling facility and the evolution of remedial efforts from the late 1990s to where we are today. Remedy components implemented to date under the Record of Decision (ROD) include 1) construction and ongoing operation of the groundwater management of migration (MOM) extraction and treatment system and 2) implementation of steam enhanced extraction thermal treatment of light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) source areas. The project team is currently in the midst of the design of the remaining smear zone soil and sediment excavation, with plans to focus on the site-wide shallow soil and landfill excavation after this work is complete. To learn more about the history of the site, remedial efforts conducted to date, and ongoing work, check out the open house recording!

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