Plaistow Wildlife Corridor

Plaistow Wildlife Corridor Drone Sneak Peek with Neighbors

Plaistow, NH —- Plaistow wildlife corridor drone footage from the Town Forest to the Beede Site show strong travel routes for animals along Kelly Brook.

The raw footage presented to neighbors during a recent Backyard Wildlife Lunch-n-Learn showed aerial images along the Nature Conservancy’s Connect the Coast map of prioritized wildlife corridors.

The Beede Site rests in the middle of the town’s wildlife corridors, connecting northern and southern wildlife passageways.

During the Zoom call, engineers and scientists with Woodard & Curran discussed the 35-plus species tracked on the site since game cameras were installed in the spring, including nesting ducks, deer, and bobcats.

The Beede Site has a portion of the site recognized as a Gold-Certified Wildlife Habitat Area, which since 2014 has been working to restore native flora and fauna to support pollinators and animal habitation.

The mission of the Beede Wildlife Management Team is to initiate and foster habitat elements that support wildlife while blending efforts to both clean and restore the land’s natural attributes.

Many successful endeavors have been implemented since 2014 to help restore the “Fairways” – from the native meadows restoration and bird nesting boxes to our turtle observation and celebrated bat survey and condo projects with the Timberlane High School STEM class.


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Plaistow wildlife seems to be thriving on the Beede Site. Recently, game cameras spotted a buck, a bobcat family, and coyotes among other woodland creatures.

The newly-acquired Wildlife Habitat Conservation certification projects include:

  • Affixing wood duck nesting boxes along Kelley Brook by the property;
  • Installing insect hives to facilitate the native pollinators;
  • Expanding our turtle observation program;
  • Developing an invasive vegetative species identification and removal program; and
  • Installing game cameras to track animal movements through the property.

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